Ethics and Issues

When searching for myself online, I found my softball recruiting profile, a picture of myself from the same website, and my softball recruiting video from YouTube.  I am active on numerous websites, but the only things that appeared when I searched for myself were professional and related to recruiting.  It is available because I want it to be available to any coach that wants to view my profile or my video and contact me.

To protect online reputation, Entrepreneur recommends searching for oneself online and deleting anything unprofessional that is found (Entrepreneur).  Taking a sweep through all social medias that a person uses is a good idea to make sure there is nothing they no longer want online.  It is easy to post something to social media without realizing the consequences that may follow if a particular person, like a boss or potential employer, finds it and does not approve.

I personally would definitely share social media passwords with an employer if it was asked of me.  I simply do not have a lot online to hide.  Anything so personal that it needs to be hidden from an employer should not be posted online in the first place.  I understand the importance of having  a clean record on social media.  Anything can be used against the company or hurt its overall image.

I believe that companies that want to monitor employee social media accounts should be able to.  Reputation is everything.  To protect their reputation, a company needs to know that its employees are acting responsibly and representing the company well.  For example, an employee making racist comments on Twitter could cause their company to receive harsh backlash.  Similarly, posting photos on Instagram of using illegal substances or otherwise acting irresponsibly could come back on a person’s company.


Erskine, Ryan. “How to Protect Your Online Reputation in 2017.”Online Reputation Management. Entrepreneur, 23 Jan. 2017. Web. 27 Feb. 2017.


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